Songs of the City

Here are some of the videos from the WeAreWorship Tour in May 2018. Click on a city to go to that section of the page. 

WeAreWorship Tour (Songs of the City) Recap:


Joplin, MO

Featured song from Joplin: "Christ My Victory"

Overcoming Obstacles - Howie Nunnelly

What If - Clint Kahler

Song of the City: "Awaken Us"

Omaha, NE

Featured song from Omaha: "We Will Rise"

How Did We Get Here? - Rob Hockney

The Heart for Creativity - Ben Shafer

Song of the City: "He's Already Here"

Minneapolis, MN

Featured song for Minneapolis: "Isn't He Beautiful"

Unlocking Creative Networks - Darren Lee

Planted For Upside Down Growth - Mark Alan

Song of the City: "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"

Kansas City, MO

Featured song for Kansas City: "Glory Fall"

Unity in Kansas City - Troy Kennedy

Leading Your People - Jason Ellsworth

Song of the City: "God Who Restores"

Chattanooga, TN

Featured song from Chattanooga: "No One Greater"

Different is Not Deficient - Marcellus Barnes

A Vision of Worship for Chattanooga - Micki Ann Harris

Song of the City: "Yes And Amen"

Norfolk, VA

Featured song from Norfolk: "Anchor"

Regional Obstacles - Ian Thornton

The Roar - Adam Cates

Song of the City: "Alive in Us"

Huntington, WV

Featured song from Huntington: "I Am Yours"

Regional Obstacles - Nick Fry

Vision For The City - AC Cordell

Song of the City: "Never Let Us Down"

Fort Wayne, IN

Featured song from Fort Wayne: "Search My Heart"

Regional Obstacles - Gina Jehl

Vision For The City - David Frincke

Song of the City: "We Will Sing"

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