Christ my victory

Key: A Maj
BPM: 72
Arrangement: V1, C, V2, C, B,V3, C, B

Vs.1 No crown of thorns can take Your royalty.
        No other name has power and authority.
        The Lamb who was slain became the Savior King.
        For it was for freedom He has set us free.

Chr. Christ my victory, crowned in majesty,
        worthy is Your name.
        Christ our cornerstone, all praise to Him alone,
        worthy is Your name.

Vs2. He walked among us yet no compromise.
        He healed the sick, the lame, and the blinded eyes.
        And for love sake became a sacrifice.
        He is the Way, the Truth, and He is the Life.


Bridge. Hallelujah be thou exalted, hallelujah God be praised.
             Hallelujah be thou exalted, hallelujah our God reigns. 2x

Vs3. Now every sin was nailed upon that cross.
        His blood redeemed us when all hope was lost.
        Hell was shaking when the third day dawned.
        Through death's defeat, our King has overcome.




By Joshua Bussey

© Copyright 2018 Joshua Bussey

Based on Bible Verses:
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The story behind the song

This song was written for the sole purpose of exalting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in remembrance of what He did for us on the cross, and His resurrecting from the dead three days later displaying God's glory and insuring us of our victory only in Him and through Him over sin and death. This is a song of declaration and can be used as an anthem in  your daily life.