Alive And Running

Written by: Louie Giglio, Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker

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Salvation came to us
Now we are free forever
Made alive by the Savior's touch
Now death can't hold us under
Right here right now
Come bring Him adoration
Rise up sing out
This song of joy and freedom

We have seen the Son
Jesus risen One
His light came down to us
We're alive and running to the world

Beauty revealed to us
Our eyes are wide with wonder
Caught by the brightness of
The glory of the Father
Our eyes have not seen
Something so captivating
We'll go where You lead
To the ends of the earth proclaiming

There is none shining brighter
Than the Son of the Father
Who has come to bring freedom
To the heart of man

We have seen the Son
Jesus risen One
His light came down to us
Now we're alive and running to the world
Running to the world

Shine brighter than the brightest light
The world could show
The world could show

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