Turned Me Around

Written by: Matt Redman

© 1995 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 1097396

I was a lost soul captive to my history
I stood ashamed of things
That had imprisoned me
And then up from the grave
There rose one like the sun
With healing in Your wings
You turned my life around

Sorrow may come hardship rain down
But rejoicing will shine in the morning
You were there in the fast
You are here in the feast
Gone is my shame here is dancing
You've turned me around

I live to thank the One
Who set me free from this
You took a hurting life
And poured out tenderness
You brought me from the depths
And spared me from the pit
You clothed me with Your joy
And now my heart must sing

I never thought I would see
The light that I've seen
You have brought love and grace
And healing to me
I never dreamt I could know the favor
I've known
You heard my lonely cry
And made me Your own

© 1995 Thankyou Music