Behold Our God

Written by: Jesse Dillingham, Richie Fike, Jonathan Madrid, Sean Mulholland, Matthew Vincent

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Higher than the highest peak, wider than the ocean deep
Might in His majesty, behold our God
Powerful beyond compare, with us in the present air
Loving in His tender care, behold our God

What can we do now that we've seen?

Praise our God with all that we are. He saved us...saved us!
Changing our hearts with all of this love He gave us...gave us!
All we want is more

Holy isn't word enough. Worthy isn't strong enough
Nothing is as glorious...behold our God!
Who could understand your way? Who could stand against this grace?
What is there to do but praise? Behold our God!

We'll never be the same
Your love has come to stay
We lift our hands to say, We want You...need You!


Copyright © 2011 Integrity's Praise! Music/Brave World Publishing,Jonathan Madrid,Jesse Dilingham, Matthew Vincent

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