Who Can Compare

Written by: Charise Orozco, Paul Wilbur, Sharon Wilbur

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You rule the oceans and the seas,
Subdue the storm-tossed waves for me;
God You are awesome.
All of heaven declares Your name,
Your wondrous beauty, Your majesty,
God You are awesome.

Who can compare, who can compare to Your great love?
None can compare, none can compare to all You've done,

El Elyon, You're the name above all names,
El Shaddai, my heart cannot contain, all You are,
And Your faithfulness endures forever,
El Shaddai, Elohai, Adon Olam (repeat).

Our hearts were captive, You set us free,
You stormed the darkest place for me;
God You are awesome.
All the earth will sing Your praise,
Knees will bow, tongues proclaim,
God You are awesome.

Your faithfulness endures forever,
You are the Rock on which I stand.
Your covenant a firm foundation,
And Your name is lifted high!

Paul Wilbur, Sharon Wilbur, Charise Orozco
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