Rain Down On Us

Written by: Michael Farren, Dustin Smith

© 2008 Integrity's Praise! Music. | CCLI: 5725959

Rain Down On Us As sung by: Dustin Smith

Original Key: C

Tempo: 146.00

  Am                   F
    Our hunger for You,  it has consumed us
  C                    Em
    Our thirst for You,   it's like a drought in us
  Am                      F
    So won

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Our hunger for You it has consumed us
Our thirst for You it's like a drought in us
So won't You rain down
And won't You draw near
We need You here, we need You here

So rain down on us we pray
Rain down and let Your glory fill this place

Dustin Smith
© 2012 Integrity's Praise! Music/BMI (adm at CapitolCMGPublishing.com)
CCLI # 5725959

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© 2008 Integrity's Praise! Music.