Wonderful Redeemer

Written by: Brenton Brown

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Wonderful Redeemer As sung by: Brenton Brown

Writers: Brenton Brown

Original Key: A

             D               A
So take it all, not just a part;
             D                 E
I want to love with my whole heart,
        A/C♯   D               A
'Cause I was dead, now I'm alive.
             D                E
I want to trust You with my life.

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So take it all not just a part
I want to love with my whole heart
Cause I was dead now I'm alive
I want to trust You with my life

Jesus, You, You, You have won my heart
I'm so glad You found me
Jesus, where would I be without You
You, You, You, broke my chains
You welcomed me to freedom
My wonderful Redeemer

Simple words sometimes are not enough
To tell the goodness of Your love
Sometimes I have to sing Your praises
Oh, the depths that You have gone for me
The gates of hell, the sinner's tree
Jesus, Your love is so amazing

Brenton Brown

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