Listen To The Sound (Freedom Never Felt So Good)

Written by: Mike Harvie

© 2010 Abundant Life Ministries UK. | CCLI: 5780114

Listen to the sound that's rising up
The voice of freedom is crying out
All praise to God
Open your eyes to the blinding light
See a love that can change a life
All praise to God
Freedom came, freedom reigns

I believe, oh I believe
In the God of life, love and liberty
I believe, oh I believe in the God of love
I believe, oh I believe, freedom never felt so good
So good

There's life, love and freedom in Jesus our Savior
There's hope for the lost in the world
So we surrender our hearts to the Maker, Creator
The One who breathed life in our lungs
I believe, I believe

Woa-oh woah

Mike Harvie
Copyright © 2010 Abundant Life Ministries UK & Integrity Worship Music/Adm. by Integrity Music for the UK

© 2010 Abundant Life Ministries UK.