Second Chance

Written by: Rend Collective

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Second Chance As sung by: Rend Collective

Writers: Rend Collective

Original Key: D

Verse 1:
    D                             A
My future hangs on this: You make preciousness from dust,
       G                   D    A
Please don't stop creating me.
     D                            A
Your blood offers the chance to rewind to innocence;
  G                  D        A
Reborn, perfect as a child.

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My future hangs on this
You make preciousness from dust
Please don't
Stop creating me

Your blood offers the chance
To rewind to innocence
Perfect as a child

Oh Your cross it changes everything
There my world begins again with You
Oh Your cross it's where my hope restarts
A second chance is Heaven's heart

When sin and ugliness
Collide with redemption's kiss
Awakens by romance

Always inside this mess
I have found forgiveness
As infinite as You

Countless second chances
We've been given at the cross

Fragments of brokenness
Salvaged by the art of grace
You craft
Life from our mistakes

Black skies of my regrets
Outshone by this kindness
New life
Dawns over my soul

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