Come Let Us Return

Written by: Matt Redman

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Original Key: E

Verse 1:
E                      D2add6
  Praise the Lord in the heavens
  Praise Him in the heights above
E                    D2add6
  Praise Him all his angels
  Praise Him all His heavenly host
E                    D2add6
  Praise Him sun and moon up high
C♯m7                  Cmaj7
   Praise Him all you stars that shine
Bsus4  A2
Praise Him now you highest heavens
E/G♯  F♯m7
All you waters above the skies
   E                     F♯m7
If we did not praise the rocks would cry out
   E/G♯                  A2
If we did not praise the rocks would cry out
   Bsus4               A2
If no song was sung in all of the earth
    B/D♯                      A2
The rocks would cry out Your praise
Verse 2:
Praise Him on the earth now
Creatures in the seas below
Lightning, hail and snow and clouds
Stormy winds that do His will
All you mountains, all you hills
All you creatures great and small
Kings and rulers of the earth
Come and praise Him young and old

Come, come let us return to the Lord
Come, come let us return to the Lord
In brokenness of heart
We consecrate our lives singing
Come, come let us return to the Lord

With the rending of a heart
With the bowing of a knee
Lord we are returning
With a prayer and with a fast
With a song in minor key
Lord we are repenting
Even now, even now
With all of our hearts
For You may turn
You may leave a blessing behind

In Your mercy You will come
In Your mercy You will come
Surely as the rising sun
Surely as the rising sun

Matt Redman

Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music

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