Holding Me

Written by: James Gregory

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Holding Me As sung by: James Gregory

Writers: James Gregory

Original Key: G

C   G   D   Em7   C     G   Dsus   D
C   G   D   Em7   Am7   D   G
Verse 1:
   Em7               D      C      Em7          D   C
My heart is set to follow You as closely as I can
  Em7           D        C    Em7      D   C
To not let compromising color me
      Em7          D    C          Em7            D      C
But sometimes I am disobedient, sometimes just a fool

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As closely as I can
To not let compromising color me
But sometimes I am disobedient
Sometimes just a fool
But You won't let this fire die in me

I know You're holding me
And will not let me go
I can't exhaust Your love for me
I find security in knowing that I'm known
I am so grateful that You are so faithful to me

Let me be a wise believer
Always learning more
Growing in maturity and faith
Teach me in the day to day
More of who You are
Help me make my whole life into praise

James Gregory

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