Sem Schaap



Born: The Netherlands
Living: Bradford, UK
Church: LIFE Church UK
Family: My wife, Lív (from the Faroe Islands)
Plays: Keyboards, piano
Favourite lyric: The entire song ‘So Will I’ by Hillsong United is so rich in its lyrics!


Now and next

“I always used to be the guy who could add music to a song,” says Sem. “Over time I realised there’s more creativity in me than just coming up with musical ideas. I got more confident to bring out my own song ideas and to suggest lyrics and melodies that were in my head.”

Today, Sem’s focus is building the local church at the same time as working on a bunch of new songs. “I just want to keep doing what I do and get better at it. I hope that everything I do and work on will help someone in their walk with God, whether they’re in our church or on the other side of the world."

Quickfire Questions

If I wasn’t a songwriter/worship leader I’d probably be… a Doctor
The best sermon I ever heard was… Joel Houston sharing his heart at a youth conference (Rocknations)
My last meal on earth? It would have to be… French toast, for sure.
The greatest sports team ever in the history of everything… I don’t care about sports, sorry!!
It was pretty embarrassing when I was leading worship one times and... I see worship leaders make mistakes all the time, and then as the MD and keys player get blamed for it ;)
My first album that I ever bought was… Frantik, by the World Wide Message Tribe – ha!
I wish I’d written this lyric: The entire song ‘So Will I’ by Hillsong United is so rich in its lyrics!
When I search Netflix, I mainly browse the… documentaries
The most recent thing I saw God do that made me praise Him was… A massive breakthrough in


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