Ryan Griffith


Ryan Griffith

Belfast’s Ryan Griffith inhabits a world of massive songs and maximum passion delivered from the head and heart of man already molded by experience and trust in God.

Soon after he started leading worship as a teenager, picking up chords to Hillsong and Soul Survivor songs he started to write his own worship songs.

“The two just came together,” he explains. The understatement is typical. 
In the few short years since those early steps of faith were taken Ryan has continued to write, to lead and to grow. Having been appointed director of worship at Exchange Church, Belfast (home to fellow worship leaders Bluetree) Ryan’s songs have taken root within countless lives. The debut album, recorded earlier this year at Dublin’s Windmill Studios, promises to spread those roots further still. 
For a title Ryan chose Refuge. Why?

“It sums up God's character. I'm in a family of five; Dad, Mum and two big sisters, Ashea and Faye. Faye, 27 now, was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. This was tough for our family from the beginning. Immediately, there had to be a dependency on God, a trust in God because of a situation that was out of our control.

“I was reading Psalm 46 - about how God is our refuge and our strength – when Faye was taken into hospital one time. I wrote the chorus to the song Refuge. Faye still lives with the epilepsy but we cling to God, knowing He holds everything together in His hands.

“The bridge in this song, Refuge, says, ‘Unchanging God, there is no shadow of turning with You.’ As we walk through life, there are circumstances that are beyond our control but we know that God has it all in control. He's unchanging, always the same, faithful to the end, He's the God of the impossible and He will never let us go.”
Such experiences helped Ryan learn to trust in God's goodness and faithfulness, and songs such as 'You Reign', ‘God of the Impossible'’ and 'Faithful to the End' tell through title alone the story of how deep those truths have sunk. 
Ryan’s gifts are obvious, and his heart for worship is clear to see:

“I lead worship because I am so passionate about people engaging with God through song; whether that be to dance, sing, clap, jump or to be still and silent. I believe that when we meet and engage with God that anything is possible. When we begin to sing to Him and the revelation of who is He becomes more clear, our hearts and lives are open to a God who heals, restores, sets free, loves us, forgives, saves and delivers. People's lives can be truly transformed when we grasp how glorious God is. Even by opening ourselves up to engage with Him, circumstances can change, brokenness can be mended, amazing things happen! I write songs to help people engage with the God who can do all these things and more. When we celebrate that, it's amazing to see the church worship!”

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