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Born: Church Village, South Wales, UK
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
not currently affiliated with any denomination
married to Tricia with children and grandchildren living in the USA
Acoustic guitar
Favourite lyric:
'we are billions of beautiful hearts'




Looking back, it all seems so accidental. It was the late 1970s and Noel and his wife Tricia were part of a youth church. The term worship leader didn’t really exist, and there weren’t too many songs being written either. But because they were the musicians, it was Noel and Tricia who got the job of leading people when it was time to sing. And because traditional hymns were hard to play on the guitar, they started writing their own songs.

Songs and Events

Four decades later Noel looks back on a legacy of powerful songs – like All Heaven Declares and You Laid Aside Your Majesty – and memorable events, such as the 1997 Champion Of The World event at Wembley Stadium for which Noel was the principle driving force.

Now living on the Spanish island Mallorca, he and Tricia continue to write, tour and record.

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Quickfire Questions

My earliest memory is… I can’t remember. It was too long ago.

If I wasn’t a songwriter/worship leader I’d probably be… Retired!

The best sermon I ever heard was… I have heard many memorable sermons over the years, so it is hard to pick just one. However a few years ago I was at a conference where Bishop Graham Cray was speaking. In his opening comments, he said something along these lines: "Jesus loves this world so much, that he came into it and lived among the people. If we are his followers, we can do no less".

He was making the point that the only way Christians can make a difference is by being an integral part of our communities and by loving our neighbours. We cannot remain within the safety of our church buildings and comfortable Christian culture, if we want to share our faith with others.

My last meal on earth? It would have to be… With friends, lots of red wine and all the things that are bad for your health!

The greatest sports team ever in the history of everything… I don't really follow sport apart from Formula 1, so it would be difficult to comment on this. However, my adopted country of Spain has probably fielded the best soccer team of the modern era. We had just moved there when they won the 2010 World Cup. We watched in a local bar with all the Spanish supporters. It was the first and only time I had watched a game of this significance in such an environment. A memorable occasion.

It was pretty embarrassing when I was leading worship one times and… I forgot the tune to one of my songs and sang an entirely different melody.

My first album that I ever bought was...  Upon This Rock, by Larry Norman.

I wish I’d written this lyric… Pink is a great songwriter and when I heard What About Us, I wished I had written the lines. They are poetic and say so much about the current dissatisfaction with politics and political leaders of the world. We need more protest songs these days, that can be an anthem for this generation. I love the line 'we are billions of beautiful hearts' because it is inclusive. It is a line that helps us realise we are a global community, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality or religion. 

When I search Netflix, I mainly browse the... ‘What’s New’ section.

When I listen to music, my favourite way to do is... I rarely listen to music, which is strange for a musician.

My first mentor was... My Dad was my first mentor. He was and is a great dad and taught me everything I needed to know about what a father should be. His example has enabled me to be a good father to our children. He was a Sunday School superintendent in our local church for many years and there are many in the town who still remember his kindness to them. They are thankful for the way he sought to instil good values into their lives. That is a good legacy to leave behind. 

The most recent thing I saw God do that made me praise Him was...  A glorious sunset. We get lots of those in Mallorca.

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