Nick & Becky Drake


Nick Becky

Worship For Everyone is a new way of thinking.

We used to talk about 'family worship' or 'all age worship'. We used to differentiate between 'kids' songs' and 'adult' songs'. But now, it's time to bring down the barriers between what is considered 'for children' and 'for adults' and instead build the big family of God.

Worship For Everyone is the realisation that we gain as much from children as we give to them. It's about being together and encountering God together. The whole people of God in the presence of God, pouring our praises to God.

Worship For Everyone is founded on the songs of Nick and Becky Drake - worship leaders from St Paul's Church, Hammersmith, London. Nick and Becky believe that songs can be written truly for everyone, young and old, families and individuals, every age and stage of life to enjoy together - and they have been working this out for several years in the local church community.

The genesis of Worship For Everyone was the album Big Family Of God (2008) by Nick & Becky Drake. Born out of the local church need for songs that carried ‘adult’ worship values but united all ages in praise. A second collection of songs came in 2010 (God Is Here). UNIQUE in the Summer of 2012 expressed Nick & Becky’s vision and marked the beginning of a new chapter to advance the values of ‘Worship For Everyone’

Nick is currently assistant pastor at Gas Street Church, Birmingham.

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