Martin Smith


Martin Smith

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when world-renowned songwriters and performers retire, things can get a little bit messy. Not so for Martin Smith. Not quite. As the frontman and principle songwriter for Delirious - the Dove Award wining, Grammy nominated, RIAA Certified Gold Selling game changing Christian band - Smith knew better than most what it meant to play to a global audience.

Between 1994 and 2009 he toured everywhere, from Peru to Poland, Uganda to the USA, China to the Czech Republic. From churches to cathedrals, sweaty-stained gig venues to mainstream music festivals, Delirious played them all, supporting Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams in the process and playing in their own right everywhere from Glastonbury, Wembley Stadium to the Roxy, LA.

What little mess is found in this bio makes its entrance here. With a large and young family paying much of the price for his constant travel, by 2008 Smith was ready for a change. The schedule had to go, the machine had to be stopped. A year later, Delirious played their final gig. And that, we all thought, was probably that.

Almost three years on and Smith can be seen emerging from a period of reflection, restoration and renewal. And it sounds younger, stronger and freer than ever. Throughout 2012 Smith will release a series of four eps, each recorded with his new band of fresh-faced, wide-hearted musicians. Presenting new songs that come from the same warm heart, the eps are songs of hope, truth and love. Unplugging from the stadium-sized setup, Smith’s new sound is simpler, rawer and ideally suited to the way he sees the world.

And how is that, you ask? ‘We’re all sharing this same moment,’ he says. ‘And we’re all sharing this same dancefloor. Whether we’re shuffling quietly along, bent double with pain or thriving with the rhythm, we’re all here, on God’s great dancefloor. The challenge is whether we can hear the music.’

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