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Leading the Desperation Band and helping pastor New Life Church through worship, Jon is best known for writing songs like Overcome, I am Free, Here In Your Presence, and My Savior Lives.  Jon and the band just released Center Of It All, a brand new worship album full of meaningful songs for the church including "Strong God" and "Take Me To The River."  With tremendous conviction, Jon can often be found leading God's people to proclaim truth over lies, freedom over fear, and life over death.  Co-founder of "Heartwork", a ministry focused on the young people of our nation rescuing the lives of the orphaned and less fortunate, Jon champions the idea that worship is the fuel for action, and action the fuel for worship.  

Perseverance And Understanding Why Vision Is Not Enough

"Am I creating worship consumers?" A songwriter and worship leader asks some honest and tough questions.

What's So Great About Banners?

In the wake of the new Desperation Band "Banner" album release, Jon Egan addresses the need for a banner.

The Fragrance

Have we trained a generation of worshippers to believe that we will worship for them? Have we encouraged them to become spectators? Have we taught them to become connoisseurs of worship's fragrance, rather than its creators?

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