Godfrey Birtill



Godfrey Birtill originates from Lancashire, is now living in Lincoln and has been married for 33 years to Gill. They have four children and seven grandchildren.

Godfrey travels extensively throughout the UK and abroad leading worship and preaching the gospel. He has also led at many city prayer gatherings and regularly leads teaching seminars.

He has a unique ability to bring together the good news with prophetic intercession and worship in a dynamic blend. He also leads regular events called, ‘Glory in the Pub’ taking worship and the gospel into public houses.
Godfrey also regularly takes prophetic song into secure psychiatric hospitals where he has seen many lives transformed.

He has released sixteen live CDs and two studio CDs. His songs include 'Outrageous Grace', 'Are You Ready?' and CBC Praise and worship song of the year, 'Just One Touch From The King'.

Godfrey recorded his sixteenth live album 'A Chip Off The Old Block' in March 2016.  In a change from the usual live recording this was done in a studio with only a small audience.  The songs from this album continue the themes of God's grace, Christ in us and love.

Godfrey Birtill is an associate of Pioneer Churches UK

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