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Fernando Santos Junior - known by everybody as Fernandinho - is a pastor, songwriter and worship leader. He is the worship pastor at 3rd Baptist Church in Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil.

His second album (FAZ CHOVER) was released in 2003, and the title song quickly became the most popular song in Brazil’s churches. As a result Fernandinho started to be invited by thousands of churches for conferences and events. This album sold more than 1 million copies and it was clear to everybody that God was in control. 

He is married to Paula Santos (another songwriter and worship leader) and they have three children; Asaph, Abner and Mariah. 

Fernandinho has released eight albums, and his last live recording took place in Rio de Janeiro’s HSBC Arena, the biggest indoor venue in Latin America. No event had even pulled in a bigger crowd, and again, it was clear that none but God could take the credit. 

Fernandinho’s desire is to prepare the sons and daughters of God as an army to battle and win the world, and his message has challenged people to live a life of righteousness before God an before the society, so God´s kingdom can be established. 

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