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Originally founded in 1976, Covenant has grown to encompass five campuses that serve the greater Dallas area. A non-denominational church in fellowship with 70 other congregations, Covenant reflects the changing, multi-cultural face of the American church. And Covenant’s music, including original songs penned by their worship team, reflects this diversity, combining a multitude of styles and influences. “The music of Covenant Worship represents the blending of cultures and styles into songs that will touch a large segment of today’s Church,” said Craig Dunnagan, Vice President of Music Publishing and Worship Resources. “Integrity Music is excited and honored to be walking alongside Covenant in their calling to equip worship leaders, choirs and individuals around the world with the music and resources being birthed in their ministry.”

“As a pastor, a songwriter, and a worshipper, I can hardly express my feelings of excitement and gratefulness for our partnership with Integrity,” adds David Binion. “Over the last several years, we have been writing songs at Covenant Church that we truly believe in, songs about God's power to move in His people today… to share these songs with churches around the world is the fulfillment of a God-given passion, and simply a dream come true! I am thrilled to see where God takes us in this new season - as a worship team, as a church, and as the Kingdom of God.”

Kingdom Renaissance

The Story Behind The Story: Colin Edge, worship leader at the McKinney campus of Covenant Church, Texas, explains how God took over with their latest album, "Kingdom".

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