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In Hebrew, the word for worship is avodah, which is also the Hebrew word for work. There is no separation or compartmentalisation of life. To worship God is to “take your everyday, ordinary life — your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life” and give it all to Him – integrated and whole.

That’s the truth that fires Bluetree - the band from Belfast who first caught the Church’s ear with their song ‘God Of This City’ - a song with a story behind it.

It all started when they went to Thailand. It was there in Pattaya - a city scarred and stained by its reputation as the capital of the world’s sex trade – that the band bartered their way into ‘playing’ at a club – a club above a brothel. As they did what they only ever do – worshipped – something arrived. It was a song – but one that formed with unusual power and speed. Lyrics and melody formed, calling out a message of hope, a promise of new life for a city so chained by darkness: Greater things have yet to come Greater things are still to be done In this city Greater things have yet to come And greater things have still to be done here That was back in November 2006. They’d formed a little under a year before with the intention of taking up the worship-leading baton passed down across the last two decades within their home church. These days, Bluetree remain committed to the trio of worship, music and justice. They live to inspire people to live lives of worship, engaging in music that puts Jesus in His rightful place, and standing in the gap between our Kingdom-lives and injustice that happens, in whatever form that takes.

They speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and bring injustice from the darkness into the light.


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