Anna Hellebronth


Anna WAW

Born: Dublin, Ireland
Living: Birmingham, UK
Church: St. Luke’s Gas Street
Family: I’m married to Luke and expecting our first baby!
Plays: Guitar, violin, piano
Favourite lyric: Joni Mitchell “Both Sides Now”


The journey so far

Born in Dublin, now part of the Worship Central and Gas Street Church team in Birmingham, Anna Hellebronth likes to keep it simple. “It’s all about being surrendered, every day,” she says. “With every song, with every set!”


Anna’s currently working on a new album with her husband Luke, but the real what’s next is bigger than that: “I’m just hoping to see more and more people come to Christ.”

Quickfire Questions

My earliest memory is… Being scared by a giant stuffed gorilla in a shopping centre.
If I wasn’t a songwriter/worship leader I’d probably be… a physio.
The best sermon I ever heard was… from Danielle Strickland.
What’s your favourite lyric that you didn’t write? Joni Mitchell “Both Sides Now”
The greatest sports team ever in the history of everything…Irish rugby team.
It was pretty embarrassing when I was leading worship one time and... I fell over.
My first album that I ever bought was… Destiny’s Child Survivor
When I search Netflix, I mainly browse the… Action or drama section.
When I listen to music, my favourite way to do is… when working out.
My first mentor was… My Mum and Dad.
The most recent thing I saw God do that made me praise Him was… heal someone.


Spontaneous Moments to Crafted Songs

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