Salvations Song

Salvations Song

Stuart Townend


Stuart is also a gifted worship leader, musician, recording artist and seminar speaker, and spends a good part of his year leading worship at major Christian events, doing solo concerts, recording studio albums, and training emerging worship leaders and songwriters. He has featured on numerous live worship albums down the years, in addition to his solo albums – ‘Say the Word’ (1997), ‘Personal Worship’ (1999), ‘Lord of Every Heart’ (2002), ‘Monument to Mercy’ (2006), ‘The Best of Stuart Townend – Live’ (2007), ‘There is a Hope CD & DVD’ (2008), and ‘Creation Sings’ (2009).

But it is as a songwriter that Stuart has had the greatest impact on the worldwide church, and it is this that is closest to his heart. “It is so important that our lives are built not on our feelings or circumstances, but on the word of God, and songs can really help us to meditate on and retain truth. I know from the correspondence I regularly receive that if you can express in songs the profound truth of the gospel in a poetic yet accessible way, they really can have an impact in people’s lives.”

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