Join Us At The Soul Survivor Worship Conference 2020

Posted by Tom Smith on 26 February 2020

Hey, I just wanted to personally invite you to the Soul Survivor Worship Conference coming up in just under a months time on 13&14th March here in Watford. We’re so excited to be welcoming Worship Leaders, their worship teams & church pastors from all over the UK to join us for what we’re praying and believe will be a significant gathering of worshippers.

wc2020 social fly wborder v3

Our heart here at Soul Survivor is to equip the church with everything they needed to lead our church congregations in worship. We believe worship is our highest priority, and as we do so by spending time in his presence, we see his wonders at work. It’s these moments we long to see where people are set free, healed, and opened up to the heart of God. And we want to prioritise worshipping & spending time in God’s presence throughout these two days together.

For the first time we’ll be expanding from one day to two days so we can go on more of a journey together, and not have to throw everything we have at you all in a day!

Along with Mike & myself, Andy Croft, Ali Martin, Beth Croft, Harvey Appleton form the Soul Survivor team will all be involved in either leading worship or speaking. Also some great friends of ours Dr Nick Drake (Worship Central) & Duncan Reid (WeAreWorship) will also be joining us.

Throughout the two days, we have four keynote meetings packed with worship, teaching & ministry where we’ll all be gathered together. And then into the Saturday, we have a mixture of breakout seminars which stretch from real practical tips on worship and leading, to getting right back to heart of what this is all about, looking at what the bible has to say about worship.

On the Saturday, our sound pastor Harvey Appleton will be hosting a special lunch provided for by SFL for any of your production team coming. This is always a packed time together as Harvey gets practical with FOH engineering. Mike Pilavachi will also be hosting a special lunch for any pastors attending the conference who would like to learn more about making worship the highest value in our churches. If your pastor would like to come, they’ll be able to come for free! Just add their name to your ticket when you book.

If you and any of your worship team would like to book to come with you. Hit the button to purchase a ticket

COST: £15 for 2 days, or £5 for Friday, £10 for Saturday


We would love it if you’re able to join us with your team. There’ll be food available throughout the Saturday with the UK’s finest 'Burger Bear’ grill flipping in the evening, so make sure you grab your free burger.

DATES & TIMINGS (may be subject to change):

Friday 13TH
18:30 – DOORS OPEN
19:30 - SESSION 1
21:30 - END
23.00 - END

Saturday 14TH 
09:30 - SESSION 2
11:30 - BREAK
12:00 – SESSION 3
13:00 - LUNCH
16:00 - BREAK
17.30 – DINNER
19.00 – SESSION 4
21.30 END

We hope you can make it.

Tom & the team at Soul Survivor

Tom Smith singing The Table Of The Lord at Soul Survivor 2019!


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