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Shine Jesus Shine Sheet Music

Graham Kendrick | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 112

/tmp/ page 1 = 112     1. Lord, the light of Your 2. Lord, I come to Your 3. As we gaze on Your Intro A D/A E/A D/A A D/A E/A D/A Verse A Asus4 4 4 4 4 love is shin ing, in the midst of the dark ness, shin ing; awe some pre sence, from the sha dows in to Your ra di ance; king ly bright ness so our fa ces dis play Your like ness. A E/A A Asus4 A E/A Je sus, Light of the world, shine up on us, by the blood I may en ter Your bright ness, E ver chang ing from glo ry to glo ry, D E/D C♯m F♯m set us free by the truth You now bring us, shine on me, search me, try me, con sume all my dark ness. shine on me, mir rored here may our lives tell Your sto ry. Shine on me, D E/D C♯m F♯m G Esus4 E

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    Bible References

    • - Psalms 139:23
    • - John 1:5
    • - John 8:12
    • - John 8:32
    • - 2 Corinthians 3:18
    • - Revelation 22:1

    1987 Make Way Music

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